Terms & Conditions

    1. Purchase agreements are concluded in Danish between customer and BEZH in so far as orders conducted online on europebigshop.com, (hereinafter ”the Webshop” are concerned.
    2. The costumer can contact The Company by e-mail.
    3. Any purchase agreement between the costumer and the Company can only be considered binding for The Company when the customer has accepted these terms of sale and delivery (hereinafter ”the Terms”) as well as all other matters related to the process of the purchase order, including that the payment for the purchase has been irrevocably completed by the costumer.
    4. A purchase is not completed until payment has taken place and receipt of purchase is received on the e-mail address provided by the costumer. The customer is not guaranteed the items placed in the "basket" on the Webshop or otherwise reserved or specified before payment by the customer has been irrevocably completed and receipt of purchase has been issued and received by the customer.  
    5. Following correct completion of the purchase process on the Webshop, the Company will issue and forward a confirmation of order to the e-mail address provided by the customer. The confirmation of order is not binding for the Company until the purchase has been completed, i.e. until payment for the purchase of an item is irrevocably completed and the customer receives a receipt of purchase on the e-mail address provided by the customer for the concerned purchase.
    6. The customer is obligated to provide a correct address for the delivery of the purchased items. If the provided address cannot be confirmed, the Company reserves the right to withhold delivery and cancel the order.
    1. The prices specified at any time on the Webshop are the current and final prices. Costs of shipment, fees of payment and other additional fees and charges are specified separately in connection with the final completion of the purchase of the item. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the cost of shipping is always charged to the customer.
    2. Display of items in the Webshop shall not be considered an offer but as an invitation to tender. The Company reserves all rights regarding typos, modifications of prices and sold out items on the Webshop.
    3. Unless otherwise specifically specified, please note that the VAT regulation on second hand sale of pre-owned items as stipulated in the Danish VAT Act chapter 17 applies to purchases from the Company. Consequently VAT is not and cannot be specified on the respective items on the Webshop sold in conformity with the VAT regulation on second hand sale of pre-owned items, thus the costumer cannot deduct input VAT in relation to items covered by the Danish the VAT regulation on second hand sale of pre-owned items.
    4. The Company provides the following payment options for completion of purchase; Dankort; VISA/Dankort, EURO/MASTERCARD and VISA/Electron and all international cards accepted by Paypal Inc. All prices are specified in Danish kroner (DKK), US Dollar (USD) and Euro.
    5. The Company reserves the right to reject certain methods of payment for any given purchase order and to refer to other methods of payment. Please note that the Company only accepts payments deriving from bank accounts or Paypal and Credit Cards. The costumer covers potential expenses and fees imposed on financial transactions.
    6. Payment is withdrawn from the applied payment card at the time the customer completes the purchase in the Webshop.
    1. The costumer has 48 hours of compulsory right of cancellation in relation to purchases completed in the Webshop pursuant to Danish Customer Law, in effect from the day the customer makes the online purchase.
    2. Before the expiry of the right of cancellation, the customer must notify the Company that the customer wishes to cancel the purchase and that the customer wishes to return the purchased item in case he has received it (Like when the customer picks up the product at our office).
    3. Notification of the cancellation of purchase and the wish to return purchased items is executed by the customer sending an e-mail to our webshop and clearly declaring that the customer wishes' to cancel the purchase in accordance with the mentioned right of cancellation by returning the purchased items. The customer must enclose a copy of the receipt of purchase or similar documentation of purchase to exercise the right of cancellation.   
    4. When the customer has notified the Company of the cancellation of purchase and the wish to return purchased items, the customer shall within 2 days of given notice to the Company return the purchased items. Items must be returned in the same condition as at time of delivery to the costumer. The Company reserves the right to request written documentation that shipment of the returned items has been carried out satisfactorily, thus the customer must preserve receipt of shipment from the post office or freight carrier for evidencing purposes in order to maintain his right of cancellation.  
    5. The return of items is enforced at the expense and responsibility of the costumer. When the items have been received and the return has been approved by the Company, the Company will refund the costumer the purchase amount including cost of shipment as quickly as possible. The refund of the purchase is transferred to the actual means of payment used by the costumer to purchase the returned items.
    1. The Company distributes pre-owned items and foreseeable deterioration caused by wear, tear and age, taking into account the age of the item, is not considered defects or non-conformity. In so far as the Company has provided particular details of the quality or condition of certain items on the Webshop, such circumstances do not constitute defects or non-conformity, even though such circumstances may be beyond what is reasonably foreseeable as wear and tear.
    2. Default notice must be submitted by the costumer in writing as soon as possible after the receipt of the item. The period within which notice of any lack of conformity of purchased items must be given is 2 years, as the general rules of Danish Law apply on this subject.
    1. Purchase of items from Europe Big Shop is subject to Danish Law. Any dispute must be settled by the Danish courts of law.
    2. These Terms are applicable to purchase of items on the Webshop delivered to Europe, Asia, USA, although not Greenland and the Faroe Islands.